With a £10m full liability insurance we provide a quality all-round service. S&K offer solutions to meet your needs and budget requirements. We have vast experience in all size contracts, ranging from small domestic properties to large commercial, industrial building or marine. We can offer a full range of scaffolding services, including:


We consider ourselves to be at the forefront of marine scaffolding and currently have scaffolds erected in most boatyards in the South of England.

Marine scaffolding is a specialised field and requires the care and attention to detail whilst working around boats that only the most experienced can deliver.

We can always work to deadlines and understand the time constraints put upon our clients a lot of the time. This being the case, we ensure that we are on site when we say we will be to facilitate the works required but also getting the boat back into the water and off to its destination.

Industrial / petro-chemical

Over recent years, as health and safety has come to the forefront of every company's concerns, scaffolding has become a core requirement. As a result, we have had the opportunity to work with many companies for their planned and reactive maintenance requirements. This being the case, we are very open to building working relationships and when called on, can make the provisions necessary to be on site very quickly for unforeseen emergencies/maintenance.

We are very happy to have relationships with a number of companies who require services as such and are always looking to meet new clients in order to build similar relationships.

Temporary Roofs

Over the years, we have become specialists in erecting temporary roofs and take pride in the quality or roof we can provide due to the experience we have.

We specialise in both tin and system roofs and, once an initial site visit has been undertaken, we are able to advise on the most suitable roof type for your project. Working alongside designers and roof manufacturers, we are able to safe-guard your project against all weather types and guarantee safe and workable conditions whilst work is undertaken.


Ever since the introduction of NASC TG20:08 into the scaffolding industry, the design of non-basic scaffolds has become a major part of what the scaffold contractor is required to do.

All non-basic scaffolds are subject to design input from our external designers with who we maintain a great working relationship.

Scaffold design has taken the guesswork out of our industry and we are able to produce detailed engineering drawings and calculations at the request of the client.

Any designer that we use undergoes an intensive selection process so as to determine competency.


In an ever increasing, health and safety conscious industry one relatively new aspect are scaffold inspections.

We have several trained advanced scaffold inspectors whose job it is to inspect the scaffolds we are requested to as per the work at heights regulations 2005. These are undertaken every seven days once the scaffold has been erected or after any severe weather. All scaffold inspectors are trained to the required level of the scaffold in question. We also keep a comprehensive scaffold inspection register as well as completing any site register as per our client’s wishes.

Please contact us if you require a quote to provide scaffold inspections for your project.